The Jungles of W 28th StTo properly start the journey into the jungles of West 28th Street, begin on 6th Avenue just south of the McDonalds. There, you’ll find the sidewalk lined on both sides with six-foot tall walls of green flora for sale. Hang a left onto West 28th Street and this amazing green passageway through our busy metropolis continues. My favorite stretches are when you’re completely surrounded by plant life on either side, blocking out the passing traffic and city noise, a wonderfully surreal experience. The Flower District originally began around a ferry dock on East 34th Street, where pushcart vendors would gather to buy and sell flowers being shipped across the river from Long Island. When you go into the stores you’ll find yourself surrounded by wall to ceiling foliage, the stores wonderfully humid and teeming with fragrances:Go to the rear of any of these stores and you’ll find mini-jungles, with towering greens packed so tightly together you practically need a machete to reach the back wall.


We took on the risk of interviewing a young lady that works in one of the shops and she told us that she likes her job because the flowers make her happy and it’s a different kind of job in which everything is vibrant. She then explained to us how she has been working there for a couple months and still has not been able to learn at least half of the names.



Disappointment in Oneself

It’s happened several times this year where I’ve just been disappointed in myself. I’ve turned in work late, I’ve come to school late, and I’ve done work in the very last minute. It’s not because I don’t care whatsoever, it’s because I don’t care enough and my energy is not the same as it use to be. I promise myself that I won’t sleep until I get my work done, or that I’ll wake up extra early to finish it but I don’t. Instead, I stay sleeping. Health does go first but then I’m anxious for the rest of the day about what I have to do and the consequences that may follow if I don’t do them. One of those consequences is disappointment in myself.


my day

So today i am feeling great and idk why. I woke up really late, but  didn’t really care because I woke happy and had a great amount of sleep. I also had a great breakfast it was an iced coffee and a glazed donut. This also the reason why I got to school at like 8:40 am. Due to the fact that I was late i ran up the stairs, and I fell and it kinda hurt .But i didn’t care i didn’t let that ruin my mood and i started laughing because I fell. So I then got up and kept going to continue my journey to class. When I got to third floor I had to make a decision and it was to either be more late and put my hoodie away or just go to class and do it late…. So i decided to be more late of course so after all that I finally got to class. But as I walked in music was playing so I started dancing but luckily Ms.B didn’t notice because she hates when I dance. Then i just sat down and enjoyed the rest of the period. Then after Spanish I had Global and we got new tables and i got a table with someone im not really cool with. But I still didn’t let that kill my vibe.

Starbucks Pink Drink DIY Recipe

Recently, people have been raving about the secret pink drink at Starbucks. I just had it today, and honestly I don’t think it’s anything that special– especially if you’ve had Yakult before. Yakult is an Asian yogurt drink that tastes A LOT like the Pink Drink at Starbucks. The Pink Drink is really just made of Acai Berry Refresher and coconut milk, I believe… I found a DIY on the drink, it may come in handy when your Starbucks runs out of coconut milk (like mine) again.

How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap

It’s graduation season! Graduation caps are a final goodbye to the graduating class. It can be a final message or a glimpse into your future. Regardless, it’s self expression at its finest. Here are some ideas of what to put on your cap…

1. A Television Show Reference

My Graduation Cap:

Friends Graduation Cap 2016 ❤️:

The Most Clever Graduation Caps From the Class of 2015:

2. A Famous Quote

Receiving my MBA on Saturday, here's my graduation cap! #disney #cinderella #graduategrind:

MY GRADUATION CAP: The best is yet to come! UMD Terps Class of 2015. #graduationcap #calligraphy #handlettering #gilding #graduationideas#gold #hope:

3. A Song Reference

Chose to channel my inner Beyonce for my grad cap!:


Drake Graduation Cap:

4. A Movie Reference

Mean girls graduation cap:

Harry Potter Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas bc my hogwarts letter never came:

My grad cap!:



Wow. All I can say is wow. Don’t tell me guns are not a problem in America. Don’t tell me that the 50 lives and probably more lost today could have been saved. Don’t tell me Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, or the NRA knows how to solve these problems. Don’t tell me the right to bare arms is synonymous with the right to kill. If we had background checks this man would not have been able to get a gun. If we banned semi automatics from being on the streets these lives would have been saved. Half the reason this many people were killed this morning was because we allow semi automatic guns on the streets of America with our children. I really wish that in 30 years when my children ask about this day I wouldn’t have to tell them the country they loved caused this. I wish I didn’t have to tell my children that I remember how awful this day was.


5 Fears I Have

  1. When I am walking alone after the sun goes down, I am afraid all of the power will go out and I will be lost, alone, in the pitch dark, not able to get home.
  2. When I look at the sky at night, everything I see I think is an asteroid, heading for earth
  3. When I’m doing something I should be doing, I’m afraid my mother will find me and pull my hair
  4. Im afraid I will wake up in the middle of the night and someone will be in my house, everyone else is asleep and I have no way to defend myself.
  5. I’m afraid of my bathroom mirror at night.

a list of all my irrational fears

I was inspired by Ciara’s anti bucket list for this post. This is a list of all my fears that are totally and completely irrational- but that I’ll probably always be scared of. It’s weird because I know that none of these are logical or rational but they still terrify me.

  1. Planes. I hate planes. I travel during the Summer a lot, yet planes still make me want to puke. I get anxious in advance!! I wish I could teleport.
  2. Deep oceans. This is probably linked to my fear of planes. I feel really claustrophobic and scared when I can’t touch the ground, which is why I can never go snorkeling.
  3. Elevators. I’m not really scared of them anymore, but when I was younger, I would do anything to avoid them. I took the stairs all the time which was very tedious. At least I mostly got over this one!
  4. Ghosts. I don’t even believe in ghosts.


I tried to think of more but these are the only ones that come to mind. It’s interesting to me how all my fears have something in common-I have a weird fear of not being able to touch the ground; which is why being up high in a plane or snorkeling scares me. It makes me feel too claustrophobic, which is weird because I’m not generally claustrophobic. Irrational fears are so weird, everyone has some, but where do they even stem from? And how do you get over them??

Republican Nominee Announced: Donald Trump

It’s that time of year again! The Grand Old Party has named their nominee! It’s none other than The Donald! How scary is that? Our great USA could possibly be run by a oompa loompa. I’m pretty scared. I’m pretty scared that our country could be run by a homophobic and sexist bigot who makes fun of disabled people. I really don’t understand how people could vote for such a person. The people that tend to vote for Trump vote for him because he gives them someone to blame for their issues. Instead of blaming their previous Republican leaders for being the reason they are out of a job, the decide to follow the orange man and blame innocent people seeking a better life in America. I only have one thing to say……#prayforMurica.


Los Angeles to San Francisco is a six hour drive if you account for traffic. By a train like Amtrak it takes twelve hours. The HyperLoop plans to fix this. With the goal of speeding up travel times and modernizing the infrastructure of trains this mode of travel is another venture in hope of bettering the nation’s infrastructure. The founder of the idea, Elon Musk only dreamt of the idea: traveling on air in a similar principle like air hockey, these capsules are predicted to travel up to and at the speed of sound in a vacuumed tubular system. The HyperLoop system would be a similar entity to Amtrak, but would also be developed to carry cargo in a similar fashion as CSX.

Elon Musk, a founding creator of paypal and SpaceX, and savior of Tesla he was actively involved in these endeavours, this one he isn’t. Instead there was a competition between multiple universities which included; MIT, Cornell, Virginia Tech, Toronto and many more. They had competed designs, currently they have passed the first round and are testing prototypes of the scaled down major components of the engine.