Rainbow Colored Cancer Fighting Foods

More and more studies confirm how essential diet is for a healthy lifestyle. Consuming abundant of what nature has to offer prevents many harmful issues within our body. Phytochemicals, natural cancer fighters, are known to be highly present in colorful and vibrant natural foods. Taking  advantage of the rainbow foods can be exceptionally beneficial. What colors should one incorporate into their daily diet? Well, the following list of rainbow foods included below should be consumed more daily.


orange-colored-foods-mbd108230_vertOrange fruits and vegetables have been known to contain biologically active compounds that can treat colon and digestive tract cancer. Consumption of orange colored food is recommended at least three times a week.





Red foods contain lycopene, which is one major pigment in fruits that provide color. Red foods such as strawberries and raspberries are high in antioxidants and prevent cancer cells from spreading. Consuming one half cup of tomatoes four times a week can experience the benefits of having lower risk of developing tumors, ovarian cancer, along with pancreatic cancer.


Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.18.10 AMWhite fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that heightens immune activity and activates killer B and T cells. This reduces the risks of breast, colon, prostate, and hormone related cancers. Eating mushrooms twice per day provides maximum benefits to prevent ovarian cancer.



Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.19.26 AM

Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, fiber, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, and Beta-carotene. Due to its highly nutritious properties, greens have the ability to reduce various forms of cancer. Cruciferous greens, those relating to the cabbage family, lowers the risks of stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer. Eating one green fruit or vegetable every day can provide prevention. Also, consumption of green tea is highly recommended due to its cancer fighting agents.
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.20.30 AM

The yellow fruits and vegetables are high in beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, lycopene, potassium, and vitamin C. Fruits or vegetables high in vitamin C stops the formation of tumors within the body. Also, it is very effective at fighting cancer related to the digestive system, throat cancer, oral cancer, and mouth cancer. Yellow fruits and vegetables encourages the body to heal itself through detoxification.

Incorporating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables into daily diet, one can obtain the best all around health beneficials.



Name: Frederick Terna

Born: 1923 in Vienna to a Jewish family.

This man was the highlight of our walk. Little did we know back then that he was popular, not only among the people that were passing by, but nationwide was a historic figure. I was amazed by the way he spoke to us…with absolute kindness and willing interaction. The walk could not have gotten any better than this. He was on his daily one hour walk to the bread shop.

Insight: In 1941, he was taken to a concentration camp in Bohemia and was released in 1945 after his experience in various camps. He is an artist and his inspirations are driven from his experiences in the concentration camps. “Making art was an act of defiance,” he said.

He was waiting for a downpour to end. “We were standing under an overhang seeking shelter.”  He found a scrap of paper and a pencil stub in his pocket, and started drawing trees in the rain. From then on, with only a few interruptions, he kept drawing, and eventually, after the war, he started to paint. His art depicts the holocaust through abstractism.

His kindness and willingness to interact had moved me. I recently found out that he teaches art at The New School, where I will be attending next Fall. I do not know whether things happen because it’s a small world or  just coincidences. But meeting him and hearing his story has inspired my artistic self to mold the experiences of life and splatter them onto a canvas.



What is detoxification?

Detoxification is what the body does to balance the internal system by getting rid of toxins. It is done by getting rid of unwanted wastes from the body, while supporting and nourishing it with necessary nutrients that it requires to function. As a society, we are overly concerned about the outward appearance and the external cleanness. This applies to washing hair, brushing teeth, bathing, and etc. Detoxification is a method of internal cleansing, and though the method of detox is highly overlooked by the medical system, it is crucial for the proper functioning of our overall body. The main organs involved with detoxification are the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and the lymphatic system.

 Is it safe?

The idea of detoxification may vary from person to person. However, it is a safe process as long as the individual is incorporating daily dietary values into their consumptions. Detoxifications does not harm, but benefit one by cleansing internal organs. Doctors debate on whether detoxification is necessary, knowing the fact that the body has the ability to cleanse itself. Aiding the body to cleanse your system through detox lessens the workload of the body.

 Why is it important?

Periodic detoxification of the body is not just important, but necessary for our health. With increasing urbanization, abundant amount of pollutants being released everyday in factories, statistics are rising on death rates from environmental pollutants. According to recent government funded annual reviews of public health:

-60,000 Americans die each year from air pollution

– 53 million Americans drink contaminated water

– 21,000 die from cancer causing pesticides

Pesticides, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, sprays, colors, and etc can be all found in the food we consume. Organics aren’t very safe either due to the fact that they can indirectly contaminate from the collision of groundwater, polluted rain, and such. Environmental toxins and chemicals are absorbed by our bodies from food or air. The chemicals begin to pile in the soft tissues and organs, leading to various health issues and diseases. Detoxification is not a method of treating diseases, but to help prevent it.  Detox enables the body to function properly and get rid of toxins, which is why detox is a very important step to consider to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 Methods of detoxification?

There are various ways to detoxify the body. There are many detox programs and recipes to help meet one’s needs. Simple home detoxifications can be done in a week to see results. Detox programs might require the body to go through detox for a week or more depending on the individual. It is important to look into various detox plans and the requirements because there are abundant amounts. Among the various types of cleanses, some of my favorites are:

-Simple fruit and vegetable detox

-Smoothie cleanse

-Juice cleanses

-Tea cleanses

After following a full detox method, here are 5 personal tips on how I detoxify the body by incorporating a few changes in my lifestyle and diet:

  • I cleanse and protect my liver by drinking a lot of green tea, which has great detox properties. The benefits of green tea are astonishing. In an article based on green tea, I explain some of its benefits.
  • Exercising and sweating is an essential way to cleanse the body. Incorporating 30mins of exercise daily or at least 3 times a week can promote a healthy body.
  • Take glutathione supplements or vitamin C, which can help the body to get rid of toxins.
  • Avoid processed, fried, and fast foods. Here are some other foods that should be avoided
  • Include plenty of fiber, fresh fruits, vegetables, and at least two quarts of water into your diet.
  • Dry brush before the shower. Here is my article on the importance of dry brushing

Common symptoms of detoxification

  • Fatigue/Restlessness
  • Diarrhea/Frequent Urination
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Aches, Pains, Arthritic Flare Ups
  • Fever
  • Mood Swings
  • Anxiety
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Cold/Flu-like Symptoms
  • Skin Eruptions-Rashes, Acne, Hive, Etc.

 Who should detox and how often to detoxify the body?

It is important to detoxify the body when these symptoms occur:

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Sluggish elimination
  • Irritated skin
  • Allergies
  • Low-grade infections
  • Puffy eye or bags under the eyes
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual problems
  • Mental confusion
  • Acne and breakouts

Detoxification of the body can be done every month or at least once or twice a year. I practice a three day juice, a 7 day detox or fasting every three months.

After finishing detoxification, the body feels light and full of energy. Be gentle with the body and maintain a healthy diet for a healthier life.

The Intelligence of Plants


In the field of scientific classification, one kingdom of stationary living organisms that are often known for releasing oxygen, taking carbon dioxide, and making energy through the process of photosynthesis were proven to have further abilities that would exceed one’s expectations.

Recent scientific studies suggest that without eyes they have sight, and without ears they can hear. Also, in absence of a nervous system plants are able to find food, communicate, respond accordingly to their sensory detections and store information, much like homosapiens. For many years, one particular species of plants; the carnivorous venus flytrap, proved the existence of this elaborate plant behavior. However, that idea has shifted and now scientists believe that this particular complex behavioral occurrence can be detected in every single plant species.

Every plant on earth is in a constant hunt for food. The phenomenon of plants climbing upward and tracking the light rays, as the sun wheels across the sky, can be observed through modern time lapse cameras. In order to thrive, plants require nutrients that lay hidden beneath our feet. Food searching behavior between the plant kingdom and animal kingdom had been juxtapositioned by scientists. Similarly to how a grizzly bear’s search for food speeds and then slows down to consume their edibles once they encounter them, the growth rate of plant roots accelerates until approaching a nutrient patch then slows down to obtain the nutrients.

When it comes down to interactions and plants communicating with other plants, family membered plants were proven to restrain their root in water to obtain food, while an increase in root distribution was present between two stranger plants that did not share the same genes. How was it possible for the plants to recognize their family members? Well, through a release of a particular chemical, plants are able to detect a stranger plant or a family plant. Also, studies show how plants react to other organisms consuming them. Defensive chemicals are secreted from all plants when they feel a sense a threat.

With the ability to sense its surrounding, one may wonder if pants are able to feel physical suffering. Scientists have tested mimosa pudica, commonly known as “touch me not” plants, with human anesthesia, to which they responded similarly to humans by going stationary and stopping to respond to any surrounding contact. With the same plant, an experiment was conducted to test its memory. When coming in contact the first time, the plant closed its leaves, however, after the 6th time, the plant had stopped responding, showing an indication that it had gotten used to the ongoing process and memorized that there is no threat associated with the contact. Plants are being proven to have neurotransmitters, and chemicals associated with it much like the brain. However, scientists explain that there are much more to learn plant species to show how they function.

The idea of plants and animals having much more in common than expected might lead people to contemplate on this subject matter. Without a brain or the ability to organize the information, how might a plant recognize its family members? Their behavior contradicts the idea that a nervous system is required to integrate information. Perhaps plants are way more intellectual than humans have ever envisioned.

Review on Liquiteria

Between 15th and 16th St in Chelsea, is located one of finest places to get hand crafted superfood smoothies. The inside of Liquiteria is impressively spacious; a juice bar with an array of blenders, fruits, and veggies ready to be used at high speed. The staffs are very friendly and highly accommodating. I suggest this place for anyone who appreciates the goodness within what one consumes. Their menu is divided into several sections which include sweets, bakery, smoothies, boosters, shots, cold pressed juice, and cleanse. If you are unfamiliar with the term cold pressed juices, it is simply the when enough pressure is given to extracts juices while leaving all the essential vitamins and minerals in the juice more than any other juicers. One of the smoothies that I personally like is called “green” monster, which contains blueberries, strawberries, bananas, apple cider, super green food, and vegan protein. The one downside of this place might be the price which varies from item to item depending on the ingredients. The prices range from 7-9 dollars in the smoothie and cold pressed juices section, while sweets, bakery, boosters, and shots may have their prices ranging from 1-6 dollars. Fresh juice cleanse is offered, which allows your digestive system to rest and function in a well manner. The cleanse coaches are available without charge. They are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic. Give it a try.

Why Green Tea?


Originating in China around 3,000 years ago, green tea has been highly popular throughout many Asian cultures. Initially made from the Camellia Sinensis plant species, it goes under minimal processing compared to other teas. Green tea is well known for the beneficial properties for health and wellness. Personally, I love drinking this particular tea because it leaves an abundant amount of energy in me and has a divine taste. The following benefits of green tea has been found from research over the years. These are only few among many benefits that may interest or promote the consumption of this particular beverage.

  1. Nutrients in Green Tea Improves Brain Function and Promotes Intelligent: Green tea contains caffeine, a well known stimulants, but less than coffee and enough to produce a reaction in the brain. It also contains an amino acid known as L-theanine, which works collaboratively with caffeine to improve one’s brain function.
  2. Improves Physical Performance and Burns Fat: According to human trials, green tea has been associated with increasing metabolic rate and fat burning process.
  3. Risks of Various Types of Cancers Can be Prevented: The antioxidant in green tea reduces the chances of one getting diagnosed with prostate cancer,  breast cancer, and colorectal cancer.
  4. Lowers the Risks of Alzheimer’s: Different compounds in green tea protects neurons and reduces the risk of this common neurodegenerative disorder.
  5. Promotes Longer Life: Due to green tea’s ability to prevent various diseases, it makes sense to conclude that green tea promotes longer lives, even though,death is inevitable.

On a side note, my personal favorite way to enjoy tea is to brew a hot cup of green tea, mix raw honey, and top it off with two to three mint leaves

Super Longevity Drink: Cactus and Aloe Smoothie

Two most powerful healing plants in the world can be found growing in various tropical areas. Aloe vera and Prickly Pear Cactus can be combined to make a very healthy longevity drink. Prickly Pear Cactus have green colored pads and red fruits that are edible. This plant is native to Mexico and is cultivated in the Mediterranean regions. It is widely consumed in those areas and used in medicine. The cactus pads have antiviral properties and it can be used for herpes, flu, HIV, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, skin problems, and gastrointestinal issues. The pads contain various amino acids and dietary fiber. Also, the red fruits are high in antioxidants. Aloe vera gel is another plant that is considered to be a “smart plant” due to its ability to regenerate healthy cells. It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is used for parasite, candida, fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies, obesity, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, and many more. It has essential fatty acids and it is anti-inflammatory. It helps with detoxification of every part of the body. With the combination of aloe vera and prickly pear cactus pads, one of the most powerful drinks can be made.

Ingredients: Combine all and blend together.

-Fresh juice of 2-3 orange
-1 prickly pear cactus pad (clean the prickles with a knife beforehand and chop it)
-1 full aloe vera leaf cut in pieces


Dry Brushing

Dry brushing might be unfamiliar to many, but understanding how to practice such method is important.
  1. Getting a good quality dry brush is the first step to start this process. Choosing a brush with a long handle can help you reach your entire back.
  2. When brushing the body, always brush towards your heart. This promotes blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system.
  3. Applying pressure to the skin should not be painful and should leave the skin looking pink after one session.
  4. Brush before bathing.
  5. It should last from 2 to 20 minutes and should be practiced once or twice daily.

There are several benefits associated with dry brushing. The benefits include:

  1. Stimulation of Lymphatic System: This system reduces one’s cellular waste products within the body. Stimulating this system with dry brushing helps to reduce toxins.
  2. Increased Circulation: Eliminates metabolic wastes by increasing blood circulation
  3. Exfoliation: Allows skin to breathe by removing dead skin cells and evening out skin texture.
  4. Improved Digestion and Kidney Function:Massaging of the lymph nodes sheds water and toxins from the body. It reduces bloating and promotes healthy kidney function.
  5. Stress relief: Dry brushing practice has been known to be meditative. It reduces muscle tension and calms the mind.
  6. Helps to prevent premature aging.

Castor Oil




Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from castor seeds. The castor plant is largely native to Africa and India. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, but contains highly beneficial properties. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it popular for medical and therapeutic use across the globe. Castor oil is mainly used for skin, hair and health. Here are some benefits of castor oil:

For Skin

  1. Ringworms: An active component called undecylenic acid treats ringworms. Heat up coconut oil with castor oil and place it on affected area for best results.
  2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines: It penetrates deep into the skin to help the formation of collagen.
  3. Acne: It has richeneloic acid, which fights the acne causing bacteria. Wash your face with warm water to open pores, dry your face, massage oil into the skin and leave it overnight.
  4. Stretch Marks: Rub it on stretch marks and thighs to get even texture.
  5. Fade Scars:Fatty acids come to rescue the scars. It penetrates inside the skin and it must be used regularly to see best results.
  6. Pigmentation: Dermatologist now recommends castor oil to help reduce pigmentation. Its high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids stimulates the growth of new tissues.
  7. Moisturizer: The rich, fatty acids in castor oil make it an excellent moisturizer. Use a little bit and apply it onto the face for hydrated and healthy glow.

For Hair

  1. Promotes Hair Growth: The oil boosts blood circulation to the follicles, leading to faster hair growth. The oil also has omega-6 essential fatty acids, responsible for healthy hair. Mixing it with coconut oil may help reduce the thick consistency. Massage into hair and leave it overnight.
  2. Thickens Eyebrows: Rub castor oil for eyebrows every night before bed.
  3. Treats Scalp Infections: Castor oil’s anti-bacterial and antiviral properties help combat the existence of microorganisms in the scalp that may cause scalp infection.

For Health

  1. Constipation: Take 1 teaspoon of cold pressed castor oil for 3 days to get rid of constipation.
  2. Arthritis and Joint Pains: Take a cotton fabric that has been soaked in castor oil and squeeze the excess off the pad. Leave it on affected areas and cover with a plastic wrap for an hour.
  3. The Lymphatic System and Liver: Repeat the above step with a larger fabric and place it on the abdomen.
  4. Treatment of Mild Surface Tumors: It has been scientifically proven to increase T-cell production in the human body.
  5. Improves Immunity: Researcher Harvey Grady concluded that castor oil increases the production of white blood cells, T-11 cells, and the number of lymphocytes present in the blood, within 24 hours of applying it.

Other Benefits:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Pain from Rheumatism
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Migraines
  • Age Spots
  • Skin Abrasions
  • Inflammation

Indian Healing Clay


What is Indian Healing Clay?

Through many centuries, healing clays have been highly popular among many cultures for its beneficial nutrients and its ability to help get rid of toxins externally and internally. The Indian Healing Clay contains 100% natural calcium bentonite. Bentonite consist of aged volcanic ash. Why is this particular form of clay so special? Well, bentonite has the ability to produce “electrical charge” when it comes in contact with water or most liquids. Hydration of bentonite clay enables it to absorb toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and general impurities. High concentration of silica, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron and potassium is present within this particular type of clay. The following are few among many benefits of Indian Healing Clay:


  1. On the Skin: It could be applied externally as a paste of few spoons of clay and water on all types of skin problems for a fast healing process.
  2. To recover from vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. To provide minerals for body.
  4. Detoxification: A thinner paste of clay and water can be applied to hair to balance the ph of the scalp.
  5. Teeth Lightener: Apply few pinches on toothbrush alone or on top of the toothpaste and brush for healthier teeth.
  6. Morning Sickness: Put ½ tsp. of clay into water and drink to prevent morning sickness.
  7. Burns/Bites/Cuts on Skin: Apply a thick paste on affected area and reapply every 2 hours on clean skin.