Start of the Summer

So far the start of the summer has been good. I’ve been playing basketball and excreting, see if you don’t know by now I’m trying to get my body looking “Fuego”. See to achieve this I am going running in the morning then I am going to this park to do basketball drills and as I’m doing these drills, and if i miss the shot then i have to do 5 push ups. I think if i do this for the whole summer body will be looking really good lol.


math regents

Math regents, That was easy lol. i walked in thinking it was gonna be really hard but when i sat down and took it was the easiest  thing ever. How ever there where a few questions where i was really confused like the short answer problems. they were asking about things I honestly don’t remember learning, but that coulda been my fault cause i didn’t really focus in class.

Global Regents

the regents were easy!!. well at least it felt like they were the first one i took was global and it was kinda easy , I mean the only part i didn’t like was the thematic essay we had to write about  two geographic features that have helped civilization and that was hard because i did not know much about that topic, But overall the multiple choice and the last essay we had to write was pretty easy.

spring break

Spring break was so lit. I went on a week long cruise with my family and it was great because i think we needed that. We went to three different islands cayman islands, Haiti,  and Jamaica. My favorite of the three was Haiti because the people were really nice and I ended up getting a bracelet for free jus because they thought I was nice too. Also i explored the whole island i was on and it was really nice there was a jungle where i took lots of pictures. Then at the beach the water was really clear and clean and the sand felt great. I then also want on some water playground thing in the middle of the ocean there were mini things that you can climb and jump off of and and there were trampolines and a lot more. so overall i had a great break and it was nice to get away from everything and spend time with my brothers and be away from all the drama.Commercial.jpg

The end of my sophomore year

who would of ever know I would miss this year. sophomore year was honestly a really fun year for me. I learned many new things, did lots of new things and had crazy experiences. I also met lots of people and became friends with people I thought I never would have. But i also regret doing lots of things, like handing in my blog post too late sorry about that. But then again I’m also excited for junior its gonna be hard but i think ill be capable of doing good

my obsession over shoes

This started in the 8th grades, when the roshes came out and became really hyped up. in the 8th grade i had a total of 8 pairs, the camo pack, and the rest were just different colors. They were my favorite shoes they were really comfy  and i could wear em with anything. But now I think me being obsessed with shoes has died down because now I’m more into clothes and fashion.

3 things you shouldn’t wear in the summer

  1. Black jeans – You shouldn’t wear black jeans because if its really hot the beaming sun will attract to the jeans cause they are dark and the sun attracts more to dark things.
  2. Hoodies- you shouldn’t wear hoodies because it summer and who wears hoodies out when its really hot, you would sweat a lot wearing that hoodie. And possibly get flamed
  3. basically anything dark and thick material because as I said earlier the sun attracts to dark things and if the material is thick you’ll end up sweating.

summer shoes


dkcp4l-l.jpgI think these shoes are great for the summer because they are all white shoes they also in a way pop out because they are really bright. I also think these shoes are great because they are cushioned shoes  and are great for walking around in the heat.

All white Huaraches-(90-110$)


These shoes are also great shoes they are running shoes made of flyknit which is  an extremely light material and is great for when its hot out because u would feel a nice breeze on your feet .These are also great for walking and around by the pier.

oreo Flyknit Racer -( 120-150$)

url.jpg These are shoes made by Maison Martin Margiela. They are high fashion sneakers and are expensive. So if you’re going for a more high end look in the summer then these  are great they are low top and made up high quality materials.

Maison Martin Margiela low future -(795- 850$)


These are adidas superstars pro model. These shoes are great if your going for a more casual look. You could also wear these with lots of these things. Lately these shoes have been really popular as well as the low top ones.

adidas superstars pro model-(80-95$)

my day

So today i am feeling great and idk why. I woke up really late, but  didn’t really care because I woke happy and had a great amount of sleep. I also had a great breakfast it was an iced coffee and a glazed donut. This also the reason why I got to school at like 8:40 am. Due to the fact that I was late i ran up the stairs, and I fell and it kinda hurt .But i didn’t care i didn’t let that ruin my mood and i started laughing because I fell. So I then got up and kept going to continue my journey to class. When I got to third floor I had to make a decision and it was to either be more late and put my hoodie away or just go to class and do it late…. So i decided to be more late of course so after all that I finally got to class. But as I walked in music was playing so I started dancing but luckily Ms.B didn’t notice because she hates when I dance. Then i just sat down and enjoyed the rest of the period. Then after Spanish I had Global and we got new tables and i got a table with someone im not really cool with. But I still didn’t let that kill my vibe.

Plans for the summer

This summer I plan on working. I wanna work either at a clothing store or at least somewhere that pays well. I also plan on just hanging out with friends and playing basket ball and working out.I also plan on going to the beach to get tan so could i get that light skin look. I also plan on going some where like the bahamas or another cruise. I also plan on getting organized and getting my things together for the 11th grade.