summer shoes


dkcp4l-l.jpgI think these shoes are great for the summer because they are all white shoes they also in a way pop out because they are really bright. I also think these shoes are great because they are cushioned shoes  and are great for walking around in the heat.

All white Huaraches-(90-110$)


These shoes are also great shoes they are running shoes made of flyknit which is  an extremely light material and is great for when its hot out because u would feel a nice breeze on your feet .These are also great for walking and around by the pier.

oreo Flyknit Racer -( 120-150$)

url.jpg These are shoes made by Maison Martin Margiela. They are high fashion sneakers and are expensive. So if you’re going for a more high end look in the summer then these  are great they are low top and made up high quality materials.

Maison Martin Margiela low future -(795- 850$)


These are adidas superstars pro model. These shoes are great if your going for a more casual look. You could also wear these with lots of these things. Lately these shoes have been really popular as well as the low top ones.

adidas superstars pro model-(80-95$)


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