my day

So today i am feeling great and idk why. I woke up really late, but  didn’t really care because I woke happy and had a great amount of sleep. I also had a great breakfast it was an iced coffee and a glazed donut. This also the reason why I got to school at like 8:40 am. Due to the fact that I was late i ran up the stairs, and I fell and it kinda hurt .But i didn’t care i didn’t let that ruin my mood and i started laughing because I fell. So I then got up and kept going to continue my journey to class. When I got to third floor I had to make a decision and it was to either be more late and put my hoodie away or just go to class and do it late…. So i decided to be more late of course so after all that I finally got to class. But as I walked in music was playing so I started dancing but luckily Ms.B didn’t notice because she hates when I dance. Then i just sat down and enjoyed the rest of the period. Then after Spanish I had Global and we got new tables and i got a table with someone im not really cool with. But I still didn’t let that kill my vibe.


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