How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap

It’s graduation season! Graduation caps are a final goodbye to the graduating class. It can be a final message or a glimpse into your future. Regardless, it’s self expression at its finest. Here are some ideas of what to put on your cap…

1. A Television Show Reference

My Graduation Cap:

Friends Graduation Cap 2016 ❤️:

The Most Clever Graduation Caps From the Class of 2015:

2. A Famous Quote

Receiving my MBA on Saturday, here's my graduation cap! #disney #cinderella #graduategrind:

MY GRADUATION CAP: The best is yet to come! UMD Terps Class of 2015. #graduationcap #calligraphy #handlettering #gilding #graduationideas#gold #hope:

3. A Song Reference

Chose to channel my inner Beyonce for my grad cap!:


Drake Graduation Cap:

4. A Movie Reference

Mean girls graduation cap:

Harry Potter Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas bc my hogwarts letter never came:

My grad cap!:



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