The Jungles of W 28th StTo properly start the journey into the jungles of West 28th Street, begin on 6th Avenue just south of the McDonalds. There, you’ll find the sidewalk lined on both sides with six-foot tall walls of green flora for sale. Hang a left onto West 28th Street and this amazing green passageway through our busy metropolis continues. My favorite stretches are when you’re completely surrounded by plant life on either side, blocking out the passing traffic and city noise, a wonderfully surreal experience. The Flower District originally began around a ferry dock on East 34th Street, where pushcart vendors would gather to buy and sell flowers being shipped across the river from Long Island. When you go into the stores you’ll find yourself surrounded by wall to ceiling foliage, the stores wonderfully humid and teeming with fragrances:Go to the rear of any of these stores and you’ll find mini-jungles, with towering greens packed so tightly together you practically need a machete to reach the back wall.


We took on the risk of interviewing a young lady that works in one of the shops and she told us that she likes her job because the flowers make her happy and it’s a different kind of job in which everything is vibrant. She then explained to us how she has been working there for a couple months and still has not been able to learn at least half of the names.



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