Los Angeles to San Francisco is a six hour drive if you account for traffic. By a train like Amtrak it takes twelve hours. The HyperLoop plans to fix this. With the goal of speeding up travel times and modernizing the infrastructure of trains this mode of travel is another venture in hope of bettering the nation’s infrastructure. The founder of the idea, Elon Musk only dreamt of the idea: traveling on air in a similar principle like air hockey, these capsules are predicted to travel up to and at the speed of sound in a vacuumed tubular system. The HyperLoop system would be a similar entity to Amtrak, but would also be developed to carry cargo in a similar fashion as CSX.

Elon Musk, a founding creator of paypal and SpaceX, and savior of Tesla he was actively involved in these endeavours, this one he isn’t. Instead there was a competition between multiple universities which included; MIT, Cornell, Virginia Tech, Toronto and many more. They had competed designs, currently they have passed the first round and are testing prototypes of the scaled down major components of the engine.


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