Korean Food Review


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Location: Kobeque @ Food Gallery 32

For our last and final day, we decided to visit Food Gallery 32 again. This time all of us ordered from the same stall, Kobeque. This stall was a Korean fusion bbq stall that served authentic Korean bbq with classical Korean dishes. In the first picture, Cindy ordered a spicy pork bbq bibimbap bowl that came with a side of kimchi soup, radishes and cucumber. In the second picture, Jean also got spicy bbq pork but with a spicy udon dish. According to Jean, it was very flavorful and tasty. It had the right amount of hotness to it. Lastly for mine dish, I ordered a chicken bbq rice bowl. It was similar to Cindy’s except that it did not have the usually bibimap flavor which was sesame oil. I opted for salad since the kimchi soup looked really spicy. All of our food came fast despite the store being really busy.

Rating: 9/10
Presentation: 9.5/10
Comments: The guy at the stall was really friendly and informative. When
I told him, I couldn’t eat spicy food, he was able to accommodate me by
fulfilling all my questions. He was really nice and patient with us. The food
was really good and it was something I could actually eat. It had a nice bbq
and sweet taste to it as it was made fresh to order. The rice for my dish
was slightly bland, but I mixed the salad with it to add extra flavor. All of
us left happy and full. We had a great time that day. One thing that I
regret was not being able to interview the guy at the stall. I felt that he
probably would have had a lot he wanted to say.


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