Best cookies in NYC

My best friend and I have been hunting and making lists of the best cookies in NYC for 3 years now. We make it a habit of trying a new cookie once a month. (It used to be everytime we saw each other but we can’t try that many new cookies in one week.)

3 Years later we have finally/sorta come up with a list of our findings, We have had some great, amazing, life changing cookies, but there have also been some horrible ones.

We also can’t exactly agree on our number one, but we have the same top 3. Keep in mind we do not care about the cookie softness or texture or size. It needs to be the whole shabang to be amazing. It just needs to be a great cookie in general. It can not justbe big, or be soft or have melteed chocolate chips. It needs to have it all. (By the way these are only chocolate chip cookies because those are the real deal.)

The top 6 cookies in nyc:

  1. Jacques Torres Chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. (it’s chewy, and its big, and the chocolate isn’t too sweet. It’s PERFECTION)
  2. The nutty chocolate chunk cookie from “Maman”
  3. The walnut choice chip cookie from Levain
  4. The 1/2 pound chocolate chip cookie from City Cakes
  5. The choco chip cookies from Avenues “Restore” Café
  6. Bidbath’s Chocolated chip cookie

Worst cookies/ Waste of time:

  1. Insomnia cookies
  2. Birch coofee cookies
  3. Chocolate chip cookie from Amy’s Bread
  4. Cookies from a random Deli

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