a list of all my irrational fears

I was inspired by Ciara’s anti bucket list for this post. This is a list of all my fears that are totally and completely irrational- but that I’ll probably always be scared of. It’s weird because I know that none of these are logical or rational but they still terrify me.

  1. Planes. I hate planes. I travel during the Summer a lot, yet planes still make me want to puke. I get anxious in advance!! I wish I could teleport.
  2. Deep oceans. This is probably linked to my fear of planes. I feel really claustrophobic and scared when I can’t touch the ground, which is why I can never go snorkeling.
  3. Elevators. I’m not really scared of them anymore, but when I was younger, I would do anything to avoid them. I took the stairs all the time which was very tedious. At least I mostly got over this one!
  4. Ghosts. I don’t even believe in ghosts.


I tried to think of more but these are the only ones that come to mind. It’s interesting to me how all my fears have something in common-I have a weird fear of not being able to touch the ground; which is why being up high in a plane or snorkeling scares me. It makes me feel too claustrophobic, which is weird because I’m not generally claustrophobic. Irrational fears are so weird, everyone has some, but where do they even stem from? And how do you get over them??


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