Turkish Coffee

So I am currently in Kosovo which is located in the Central Balkan Peninsula. This is one of the newer countries to the world, claiming our independence on February 17, 2008,  although we have considered ourselves a country of our own for a while. This is a history full of tragic and heroic war stories. A country full of culture and tradition and while I’m not writing to give you a history lesson, I am going to focus on turkish coffee. For many years this little cup of coffee has been a delicacy for everyone to enjoy, passed down to us from the Ottoman Empire. No matter where I go, theres an Albanian somewhere asking for turkish coffee. I learned how to make it at fairly young age and ever since have made it at least twice a day since then.


Coffee pot, coffee cup, water, sugar, Coffee (preferably Devolli Prince Turkish Coffee)


  1. measure the amount of water needed by pouring the water from the coffee cup into the coffeepot
  2. Add in the preferred amount of sugar (usually one tablespoon per person)
  3. put the water to boil
  4. once it boils, take off the coffeepot and add in a teaspoon of coffee per person
  5. put the coffeepot back over the fire and wait for the coffee to rise
  6. pour it in the cup and you are done!
  7. Enjoy



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