The End

We ran and ran.

We landed on Pennsylvania. There was a monsoon of rain, on the surface and we continued to run to find a shelter from the weather. We reached an amusement park which seemed closed by the downpour and we took shelter in it to regroup there. I called all units to the park and we waited for them to them to arrive. However, as we were waiting for the 220 of us, we saw three bus of kids arriving at the park. There were many reasons why this was not a good thing, first we would be seen, second turning on the park would create a electrical shock wave, injuring us and possibility the kid and third they would be in the way of the battle and Cthulhu. We needed to stop these kids, but how? We waited in silence to see what would happen. Luckily 5 minutes later, the buses left and we sighed in relief. Soon after, we all came together and we started to plan for the war that was coming.

The plan was for me and Ms. Huz to distract Cthulhu while the rest of our group takes on the army. Then, the remaining people of the group will join us, after the battle to defeat Cthulhu. So we got ready and ran ahead for a way to distract Cthulhu. There we saw a legion of squids approaching the theme park and that was a problem. The army was at least three times our group and the plan was not going to work. We needed to retreat and rethink our strategy. So we ran back, we only had few minutes before they arrived, but thinking and thinking we could not think of a plan in time. We had to fight our last stand. This was when Rin arrived. She had heard our cries and brought DOTS and VVGT with her. She had saved us once again. Our total group size was now 330 and we now could fight the legion in a more even fight. So we activated our plan again and Me, Ms. Huz, Rin and the crew all charged to defeat Cthulhu.

I forgot to mention that there was a growing storm cloud following Cthulhu and once in a while, lighting would strike Cthulhu but with no effect. We saw the legion approaching 1 mile away from the amusement park and when the legion was just about to pass our hiding spot, I shot a Hurricane Punch at Cthulhu to get it angry; however the punch had no effect and it continued forward. Rin saw this and decided to do the traditional luring. She started to throw rocks at Cthulhu and that worked. Cthulhu flew over and left its army. The army started to follow it, but that was when our group attacked and distracted them.

We lured Cthulhu away from the battle and into the amusement park, then we climbed up the roller coaster hills. When he arrived at the center of the park, we all jumped down and punched Cthulhu down. Boom! Cthulhu collapsed. Was it over? Of course not. Cthulhu rose again and started knocking down the hills.We could not stop it, we only could avoid the falling debris. When it was done, Cthulhu stopped flying and stood there laughing, a strange laughing sound. We all shot Hurricane Punches at it, but he took it in without effect. Then we started to combo Jabs, Twist Punches, Upper Cuts, and Pistol Punches, all to little effect. When Cthulhu was done entertaining us, it created a thunder storm, from the storm cloud, to block us from getting close. It was playing with our intelligence to see if we could through to it. That was when our group rejoined us and we started to formulate another plan.

Once again, I jumped up and high grabbed the eye of the storm. I remembered the feeling of the legendary Kraken Punch, but I could not do it. Grabbing a thunder storm and punching with it would unstable the storm causing a discharge of lightning and hail, hurting me and potentially others. Plus the punch would do nothing to Cthulhu anyway, it was immune. So I twisted left this time. I was trying the break the storm and it broke. Then all 265 of us attacked Cthulhu, but it was no pushover and attacked back smashing our numbers. 265, 200, 125, 75, 3. After a 3 hour battle, only 3 of us were left standing, me, Ms. Huz and Rin. We did not know what to do, was Cthulhu impossible to defeat?

So, I went over what we knew. We knew that Cthulhu had just woken up from its slumber, meaning it was not at its full strength yet. We knew Poseidon had the strength to fight Cthulhu, and that the first Squid Puncher knew a weakness of Cthulhu. Finally, we also knew that Cthulhu has a great lust for power. So, I told him what it wanted to hear. I told him that I was the strongest here and I had the strength of Poseidon. I also told him I had the blood of the first Squid Puncher and I knew its weakness. This got Cthulhu’s attention and it charged at me. This changed Cthulhu from defense to attack and that was the point. I started to counter its attacks, dealing good damage to Cthulhu. The more I hurt it, the angrier Cthulhu got and the more damage it took. However, Cthulhu was intelligent, it soon saw my plan and grabbed Rin and Ms. Zhu. It talked to me through my mind and told me if I was truly strong, I would be able to save my friends.

I was destroyed, Cthulhu foiled my plan and captured my friends. How could I possibly defeat him now? There was no way I could defeat him. I charged it anyway and got knocked back every time. If only to save my friends. At one point, I knocked so hard that even I believed in my words. I believed that I was the strongest and could defeat Cthulhu. I don’t understand how, but I grew into that power and I woke up. Cthulhu was holding me up with it’s hand and laughing at me. I broke that hand and freed my friends. There we joined minds and became the strongest force. I also found in my head the weakness of Cthulhu, magic. Because it was cursed at such a young age, it never gained a resistance against magic, only accepted it and magic we used. Balloon Punch, Gatling Punches, Strong Rights, Flame Strikes, Tiger Claws, Steel Dragon Punches, Zeus Wrath, Drill Stabs, Mantis Claws, Snakes Bites, The One Inch Flick and hundred of other techniques. Cthulhu was gone. The battle was won.

But there was one thing we still needed to solve. The problem of the Krakens. There were so many Krakens, we could not just enslave them all to us or contain them like animals. They were strong, thinking creatures and do not need to be guided to do right. Human contact has made them smart enough to do the correct choice, but I believe too much human contact will lead them to choose human sides and split the Krakens. This is not a good thing. We should let nature run its course, let the Krakens develop their own instincts and way of life. Let them evolve as a species and maybe in the future, when we need their help they will join us once again, but for now let them go.

So, we let them go. Into the Bermuda Triangle they went, we created a story to scare people from ever entering that zone. Doing this also had an effect on us as well. There was no longer a need for squid punchers, since there were no longer any threats of squids. Meaning our community dis-abandoned and we are now almost normal humans (with pretty good physical techniques).

This means that this ends the blog of the retired Squid Puncher. I have now re-retired and continuing my human life. What about my crew you say, well that is still to become maybe we will join again some day, until then good bye young now old Squid Punchers. Unfortunately, learning all of this has lead you back to a normal life, but maybe one day we will need you again. Be ready. This is my final blog (or is it?)



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