For almost the whole summer I will be a camp counselor. It’s at a sleep away camp Iv’e been going to for years in New Jersey. I get payed very little but I get to be away from the city so I don’t really care. The city in the summer is way to blahh, being way to hot and icky.  I also just love the way I feel at camp. Free from all stress and clear skin is the way I wish I could always be. I also love seeing friends I never or rarely see outside of camp. This summer is gonna be a different story. I have to take care of  kids this year, not just for a couple of hours though, I am with them constantly. I think I’m good with kids and my boss must thinks so as well so I’m not worried about sucking ,just the annoyance I might constantly feel. By the end up the summer I hope to feel like I did a good job and left a positive impact on all my kids. Maybe I’ll have something to write about for my college essay and any of the stress I do end up feeling will be okay.


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