Is Gov Ball overrated?

I kind of wanted to go to Gov Ball this year, but I didn’t really like the line up. I haven’t ever gone; and it seems like it would be really, really fun- but at the the same time, I find it kind of annoying because of the people who go there. Also, the line ups really seem to suck. I remember the line up when I was in ninth grade, and it was so so so much better. I would still go; I’ll probably definitely go next year. I just wish the crowd wasn’t so annoying; if that makes any sense.

I just generally don’t know how I feel about music festivals. I like them and they seem fun, but again the people who go there are just so annoying. I don’t really know how to explain it-I just can’t stand the crowd. I think I’d just rather go to concerts.

A concert I REALLY wanted to go was the Drake-Future one; but it sold out in like 5 minutes. I’m still very upset about it 😦


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