Why I Like Hood Chocolate Milk

I seem to have a slight problem with chocolate milk.  I drink chocolate milk almost every night after I eat dinner.  It satisfies my craving for something sweet and fills me up without having the guilt of snacking and gives me the essential vitamins I need.  Naturally, I reach for Nesquik chocolate milk, but I can never fully enjoy my liquid dessert knowing that Nestle is a bad and heatless corporation that uses slave labor.  I’ve wanted to switch brands for a long time, but no others makes chocolate milk just as good as Nesquik.  That is of corse until I found Hood chocolate milk.  Hood is just as yummy and has local farms here in the US.  Hood uses lowfat milk and had vitamins and calcium as well as using no artificial growth hormones.  I can now fully enjoy my milk- guilt free, with Hood low fat chocolate milk!


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