Washington Heights is located in the upper part of Manhattan, spanning 155th Street to Dyckman Street. We decided to explore from 181st to 160th street.  Also called “Quisqueya Heights”, which refers to a Dominican Republic municipality, Washington Heights has a large population of people from the Dominican Republic. Therefore, culture became the theme of our walk.  And while Dominican culture does appear to dominate certain parts of the neighborhood, Washington Heights is far from a cultural monolith.I would like to present our work through a meaningful media. Not the average PowerPoint or a simple essay. A very thorough and meaningful essay sure, but still I feel like that is not enough. After some long time of brainstorming we decided we will write a spoken word.

La Verdad Es

Truth is,

The streets are victims of man.

Always were.

Always will be.

Most people don’t know about this neighborhood and the ones who do, see Washington Heights as a dangerous “hood.” By creating forms of communication that highlight all of the wonderful parts of the neighborhood through my eyes, I could possibly eliminate some, if not all, negative connotations.

In your streets I was raised.

Straight uptown that A.

First up Fort Wash 181st, for the stores.

Down Broadway for the culture, the nature.

160’s for the beauty.

Back to Broadway, and I don’t mean shows.

You have your own landmarks, for those of us who know.

“What are you?”

“I’m Dominican.”

Truth is,

The streets are victims of man .

Always were.

Always will be.

I will always come back to what I know.

What I love.

Where I grew up.

You change, evolve and at the root of it all stay the same.

Just like me, but not the streets.

My Uptown has been through hell and back.

“I ain’t all bad,

I know you think I’m all bad.”

People swarmed in and out like bees.

Her eyes suddenly seemed wide and pleading.

She understood for a moment how she could attract man.

Some layered beauty and fierceness.

Now it is all up to the soldiers to hold up their land.

To not raise the flag.

And stand in hand.

This isn’t a war between race.

The war is between politics and respect.


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