Proximity Flying

We were never meant to fly. We can only run, jump and swim. Throught the 1900’s various inventions were created, wing like pieces with a parachute, modified parachutes, but nothing ever really came close to creating lift. In the 1990’s wingsuits went commercial, Jari Kousma created the first of what we call, wingsuits. These suits were largley intimidating, fear of falling out of the sky and being in a uncontrollable free fall people steered clear and only skydived. After numerous training programs and a general rule of 200 solo jumps, a person would be prepared for using these suits.

Now a extreme sport, known as proximity flying with the goal of flying close to the surface, having near misses and aiming for the highest speed. Proximity flying is a red bull sponsored event common throughout the world. These events are held around the world in regions with the highest: cliffs,mountains,ridges and peaks, it makes this sport on of the most dangerous on the planet. It’s base jumping but with control of how fast: one turns, flies and how long for.


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