End of School

The end is near and it’s about time to go to college. It’s so crazy that my high school career is over. It literally feels like a few months ago I was standing in front of my new high school waiting for the doors to open thinking what it would be like. I had no idea what to expect from high school. I remember thinking it was going to be the longest 4 years ever. Every adult always told me high school goes by quick but I thought that’s just something old people say. But now being almost a high school graduate, it really does go by quick. It’s crazy that I am leaving the people I have created such strong friendships with and now these friendship will most likely end forever. Besides a select few of peers, I will probably never talk to any of these people again. High school was a great experience and I learned a ton in the classroom and out, and I hope college is even better. Without a doubt I will miss everyone, but we are all moving on for the better.


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