Posto Pizza

There’s an awesome pizza restaurant on 18th Street and 2nd Avenue that everyone should know about.  It’s called Posto pizza and my family and I had it for dinner tonight.  The pizza is really thin crust and beside the classic pizza you can choose from many different varieties.  They have some really funky unusual selections if you are adventurous like pizza with pineapple and millionaire bacon which is a thicker cut bacon.  You can build your own pizza with the ingredients that you like and there’s enough choices for everyone to find something. Almost everything is fresh and homemade each day. They offer salads, appetizers and assorted grilled sandwiches as well.  The restaurant is on the small side and the tables aren’t very big so it doesn’t accommodate larger groups but they have an outside seating area which is more spacious.  A great deal of their business is done on take out orders which is what we had tonight.  One of the attractions to Posto pizza is that they offer personal size pizza’s which are 9 inches and also the larger 16 inch size.  If you’re eating with a few people you can get several smaller pies and share the different varieties.  One downfall is that you have to have cash on hand because they don’t accept credit cards for deliveries, only if you eat in the restaurant.

If you’re in the neighborhood give Posto Pizza a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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