How to Make Kraft Mac and Cheese

You might be saying to yourself, doesn’t Kraft Mac and Cheese come with their own instructions on the box? And I will answer with yes, they do, but I have my own way of making it and it’s time the world knew. (Or maybe it’s the exact same recipe on the box. I never look at it!)


  • 1/4 cup of skim milk (my parents are too healthy to buy whole milk so we must suffer with partial milk)
  • Cut off what looks like 1/4 off your stick of butter idk
  • Just fill the pot up with water until it 1/4 of it is filled??????
  • The stuff that comes in the box


  1. Boil the water. Good job so far.
  2. Pour the macaronis that came in the box into the water. Set the timer for seven and a half minutes. I like to leave it in long enough to soften, but not entirely. Because high-end pasta is always a little bit hard. But sometimes it doesn’t work out and you have to work with mediocre, soft macaronis.
  3. The timer’ll go Ding! and you know it’s time to drain that macaroni!!!!!!
  4. Put that drained macaroni back in the pot, and put all the other foods from the ingredients list (You know what I’m talking about.I don’t need to hold your hand. I’m not your mom.) into the pot and mix everything together until it transforms into Kraft™ Mac And Cheese!
  5. Serve yourself, because you are eating all of this alone.

And congratulations!!!! You can now call yourself a culinary expert!!! Call up Guy Fieri maybe you can co-host a show with him on the Cooking Channel!!!


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