After having a great time at gov ball, I decided to get tickets on Saturday night for Sunday’s concert. I found some tickets on craigslist for a reasonable price and automatically contacted the seller.

Fast forward to Sunday…

I met the guy (his name is Wayne) at 11:30pm, not knowing if gov ball would be canceled or not (as the official cancellation came out around 12:15pm). So, I meet this guy, got the wristband, and gave him the money. I also asked him if the event were to be canceled, if we could meet up so I could get my money back. He said sure. I didn’t think this was some sketchy trade off, because he honestly seemed legit.

The wristband was real and I was able to register it and everything was great until Govball announced that the event was CANCELED. 😦

At this point, Wayne had already left the hotel where we met, and I texted him to see if I could get my money back because Govball was refunding him to his credit card and he still had my money.

As you could probably guess where this is going… I texted Wayne asking for my money and he never responded.

Not only was Govball canceled, but I lost 100 dollars.

Thanks Wayne from New Jersey, if that’s really you’re name…



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