Final Week of School

So today is Monday, June 6th, 2016. Meaning next week on Monday is the last day of school. IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! My last day of high school. EVER! I am so excited to be done. I am so ready to leave! I want next week to come already, this week seems pointless to me. We come to school at 8am for LITERALLY nothing. We don’t have any school work anymore, we come to school to redo and fix work or turn in the work we haven’t done late… But for me, I come to school for nothing. And I say this because I don’t like turning in work late, I don’t have late work. If anything I have hasn’t counted, then it’s because the teacher messed up and counted it wrong.

Example 1: Lab Ink. This is my 14th post currently, and Ruthie has me missing post 13 and 14 right now. (I finished number 13 about 2 weeks ago)

Example 2: Metacognitive Journal. Despite the fact that I think this is the most stupid and pointless waste of time ever brought to this school, I finished this WEEKS AGO! And it is currently counted late in my YOGA class even though I had to share my document with Mr Duffy, my part in gov teacher. So Congratulations. I actually did it incase you didn’t see it.

Example 3: Forensics (But this is only-ish). I turned in my worksheet that we had to fill out in class about a serial killer who killed coloured minors in multiple ways. And after turning it in, for weeks it was counted as MISSING! I turned it in. And I know I did because I worked with two of my friends on this worksheet, handed them in altogether, and they got credit for it while I didn’t. (But he counted it as an excuse because he knows it is not like me to not turn in work.)

And I think that is enough examples, considering this is all from the past month or so… Seriously Lab. STEP UP! You think your students aren’t doing their work all the time, sometimes you may be correct, but others it is literally just your fault for losing it all. I have had teachers lose my work for the past 4 years and I am done with it. I have had to redo it and turn it in because YOU lost it. I am on the edge of my seat getting ready to sprint out these red doors of what you call a school. I want to leave. TODAY. Forever. LET ME GO!


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