Chocolate Cake

I recently went to a restaurant with my mom after spending 20 minutes arguing about where to go. We were both hungry and a little moody. The rain outside did not help.

When we entered the restaurant we immediately ordered appetizers. I’m happy to say they were both excellent and made us even more excited for our main dishes.

Once those arrived I’m happy to say my meal was also great–my mother’s not so much. She disliked it so much she wouldn’t finish it. But she wasn’t too upset.

I had room for desert so I said “Why not??” and was torn between the 7 layer chocolate cake or the chocolate chip cookie plate. I was leaning towards the cookies when the waitress and my mother BOTH told me to just get the cake. So fine, I went for it.

When it came to the table it looked incredible, I dug my fork in and I was not happy. It didn’t satisfy my stomach at all. There was something totally off. My mother tasted it and she basically took the words right out of my mouth, “this tastes like diner cake”

YES! It did! and it was 15 dollars. So I put my fork down and refused to eat another bite. I was so upset. It made me get into a fight with my mother, about how it wasn’t worth it and I could order something else, I know it makes me seem like a brat, but I just really like to enjoy my food.

The point of this story is to not feel so negative after having a meal that isn’t your best. Sometimes you’ll get a great dessert and sometimes you won’t. But thinking about it so much won’t make you feel better. Instead think of it as a way to not order that dish again. Life is about trying new things–good and bad.


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