What Makes Us Beautiful?

Beauty In Korea

While browsing YouTube like most teenagers do: that effortlessly exhausted state of entertainment at 2:30am when you can’t sleep, I came across a video in my recommended list. Like most videos in my recommended list, I ignored it for the first second, skipped an ad and watched another video. To my dislike, the video popped up again and this time I took a second look. It was a quick glance, something that caught my eye effortlessly and inevitably. The video, titled “Inside Korea’s Billion Dollar Beauty Industry” featured a young woman named Grace Neutral who specializes in body modifications.

Immediately, her photograph and the title of the video piqued my interest. I clicked and I was hooked. Following Neutral through the streets of Korea, the underground dance parties consisting of those rejected by society because of their standards of beauty, the illegal tattoo shops of artists, the main streets of Seoul and the exploration of the warped beauty that can be found there.

I found Grace’s story of beauty and living with her ideals of beauty absolutely amazing and I regarded her as a sort of self-confidence hero. She wears her modifications proudly and sought people like her within Korea, rebelling against the normal standards of a fake and hard to achieve beauty verses a beauty found within finding oneself; wholly and truly.

I watched each episode, enveloped in a society which frowns upon tattoos or any markings, where many young teenagers or even adults agree to many operations, botox and the whole shebang. The perception of beauty in Korea is heavily focused on the achievement of being beautiful, spotless and perfect. This, I believe, is an unachievable accomplishment fed to the young minds of children who are malleable and uncertain of their own beauty. At one point Neutral asks a young Korean woman what she would do if she couldn’t wear make up any longer and the girl replied, “I would die”. This, I found, was hard for me to realize, growing up in NYC and seeing all of the different, unique perspectives people found for themselves. Every single day people are able to flaunt their differences–not cover them up. Grace sought people leading a revolution in beauty. Their own beauty.

I was deeply moved and touched by this series, so akin to channels such as Seeker Stories which reports on the daily lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These achievements and outlooks on human beings as a collective is truly eye opening and I encourage all of you to watch this video consisting of all of Neutral’s episodes during her visit to Korea.

If anything, watching this video inspired me to embrace my beauty and even my flaws, whether it is with tattoos or just with wearing no make up. Everyone has their own sense of beauty and this series opened up the door to find my own.

Thank you guys for reading and check out the video above!

For more awesome videos, check out Seeker Stories here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsSEDFFnMFvW9JWU6XUn0Q

Thanks for reading guys!! ❤


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