The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are a repeat of 2015 NBA Finals the Golden State Warriors are against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron vs Stephen Curry. The toughest matchup for the Warriors, as is the case for any team, is dealing with LeBron James. He is the man to stop but it’s not that easy. He is all over the place and can play every position. Offensively, the Warriors’ game plan should be is simple: Get the ball to whomever Kyrie Irving is guarding. Over the past two seasons, when Irving is matched up on Stephen Curry, the Warriors are scoring 117 points per 100 possessions. When Irving is guarding Klay Thompson, Golden State is scoring 115 points per 100 possessions. The finals start Thursday night and my money is for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As much I hate Lebron James I think the power three for the Cavs Lebron, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are one of the hardest big three players to stop. Everyone should watch it will be a good series and I think it will take more than 4 games to win!


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