Study tips

I’ve learned somethings when it comes to studying for the Act. One thing I’ve learned is that timing is everything. You have to be able to move quick so studying with the actual time limits you’re given on the actual test is key. For the English section, I’ve learned that reading aloud of mouthing some of the answer choices makes it easier to pick out the correct answer. Often times the wrong answers sound wrong. I made the mistake of skimming some of the passages time to time but it’s really important to read them carefully because questions not only ask you about punctuation but on verb agreement as well as full understanding. Another thing I’ve learned when it comes to studying for the act is that the math section is a lot easier than I thought. The math section is composed of really simple questions that only require a few steps. Memorizing a few key equations and concepts is all you really need for the math section. The right answer is there, so just knowing to pick it out or using process of elimination¬†will really help you. For the reading, review the questions before you read the passage, just skim them. Read the passage and when you notice the answer to a question stop reading and answer it so you don’t have to do any double reading. The science is the trickiest section in my opinion. To do well all you have to do it just find the answer. I know that seems ridiculous but It’s true. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed from all of the graphs and charts. Using your fingers to point and direct yourself also helps. Hope this helps.


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