The end of sitting through eight to nine 41-minute classes at Lab High School is approaching. Eight more days until the last day of classes,  and then the week after graduation hits. I’ve spent four years at the New York City Lab High School for Collaborative Studies, and when it’s almost over it feels as if time went by so fast, but going through those years I thought that graduation couldn’t come any slower. I could have done more at my time at Lab, but I also could have done worse. I’ve made new friends and continued to hang out with my the friends I already had.

From my perspective it seems as if Senior Year was the year where everyone seemed to be making like last minute friends and also figuring out who their “true friends” were. The unfortunate thing about making new friends your senior year is that once you realize you like them and want to continue hanging out, but it’s your last year so make those times count.

This is my last Lab Ink post so I thought it be best if I did some sort of my goodbye/farewell type of post. To end my last post I want to say, or rather type

Goodbye. Adios. Farewell


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