What’s in my bag

I was never the girl who caried a big backpack to school, starting sophomore year I didn’t even use a backpack. As I’m finishing senior year though, I’ve noticed how little my backpack actually has to do with school. First of all, it’s not even a big backpack, it’s actually really small and cute, hence the reason I use it. I Can’t fit noteboks in it-but that doesn’t bother me one bit.

What I carry in my bag are items I alwasy need and feel necessary to have with me instead of my statistics notebook or science folder. It consists of imposrtant things such as,

My wallet-with my cards and rarely any cash.

My mascara- because it’s the most important make up piece for me.

Two different lips balms-one is a mini vaseline, which is almost finished.

Three coloured lip items-because I need options.

The World According to Garp- The current book  I’m reading.

Random “Important” School papers or work.

A couple black ink pens-BUT NO PENCILS.

My water bottle-because of hydration.

And lastly-Headphones.


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