Welcome to the Bronx

We all know of the Bronx, right? High crime area where drugs and gangs are prevalent and everyone in the area is ghetto and it pretty much consists of just black and Hispanic people.


Dont get me wrong, these things do exist in some parts of the Bronx, but not to that extent of exaggeration where it’s dangerous to even walk the streets. The Bronx is more than that, it is a place to get stuff cheap instead for overinflated prices (ehem, Manhattan..) and a place where there is much diversity actually.  The Bronx has been my home since even before I was born (yay bellies lol) and I have lived in different parts of it and seen it change and grow.

So let me properly welcome you to the Bronx

Here in my neighborhood you have the street corner druggie who will offer to do you a favor for money, and further up the block is my favorite drug seller, ( I say this sarcastically, he makes a point to say hey and get all up in your business, in fact the rest of this post will be sarcastic), and right next door is a motorcycle gang that won’t let you sleep at all during the night because their special custom bikes make a ridiculous amount of noise that is impossible to ignore. We have the nosy neighbors, and the tensions that come with being so closely pushed together (private houses and rented spaces), we have the dog shit all over the sidewalk, (mostly in winter but still common in summer) we have the occasional fight in the middle of the night consisting of usually shaniqua (I am being serious here) and yamil and her throwing stuff at his place and demanding that he gives her stuff back, eventually resorting to smashing his car windows. We also have the obnoxious kids who you will hear whining in the street or who will play ding dong ditch , (jokes on them cause our doorbell doesn’t work anymore) and we can’t forget the guys who hang in the street for most of the day and will cat call you if you even show a hint of curve or wear something flattering. Yes, the list of all the wonders that can be found in he Bronx goes on and on, but I shall need here.

So welcome to the Bronx!

And remember- don’t believe what you hear.



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