Sun burn hurt really bad. I just got one today. I was outside for 6+ hours in the blazing sun and i got hella burnt. It hurts really bad. It especially hurts when i shower. People keep slapping me on the arms and face just to see my reaction. Grrr. I saw on a Facebook video that if you split a cactus in half and rub it on your face it’ll relieve the pain. But there are two problems. The first one being im not sure if it was actually a cactus, it never specified, and the second being that if it were hypothetically a cactus, I don’t know where i would find one being that i live in New York City. Now that im thinking about it it was probably an aloe plant of some sort. I think it really helps to sit down and be alone to decompress your mind sometimes. I cant really move so i was destined to just sit and think this one out anyway.


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