My Experience With Makeup

When I was a child, I swore off makeup. I hated the idea of putting on strange products all over your face and possibly hurting yourself with makeup. My hate for makeup probably started mostly when my older sister tried to play with me and put makeup on my face. Obviously her attempt left me traumatized from makeup. I remember her trying to put liquid eyeliner on me and mascara. But because of her shaky amateur skills with makeup, she ended up getting black eyeliner and mascara all over my eyeball. I remember trying to wash off the horrid sight of my black covered eyeball in the sink. My eyes stung from the makeup in my eyes and the constant running of water to take off the eye makeup, which seemed almost impossible to remove. From then on, I swore off makeup because I never wanted to experience that ever again. But of course, my older sister had a good laugh out of this experience.

When I was in middle school, my friends decided to take me to Sephora and play with makeup. They wanted to do me up with all sorts of makeup. I was already thinking, “Oh good God, no.” After they finished with the makeup, they told me I looked pretty. I was in awe. I looked at the mirror. I don’t really remember how I looked exactly at the time. But I remembered that I felt weird and strange. I remembered thinking, I don’t look like myself and I hated it. Perhaps it was because it felt too cakey all over my face, but it was all so strange. I wanted it all off of my face. Of course, I wasn’t ready for makeup yet.

By freshman year of high school, everything seemed to change. I don’t know how, but I started to have an interest in makeup. It’s strange. After many years of swearing off makeup, I became so interested. It started with just eyeliner — not the liquid type of course. I guess it was because I didn’t  want to look like I had no eyelashes I drew in my eyes. I told myself, I would never be crazy with makeup like others were. I wore my eyeliner lightly enough so that it looked natural yet made some sort of difference.

Afterwards, I became interested in foundation and BB cream. I remember becoming more interested after my sister, the same one who traumatized me let me use her BB cream. She applied BB cream on my face and immediately, I saw a difference in my face. My skin looked much clearer and flawless. I always thought I had very few blemishes. But after applying the BB cream, I never knew how I actually did have on my face. I seemed to look better with the BB cream on. So that was how my interest in foundation and BB cream started. Now I’m becoming interested in CC cream.

Not much later, I started to become more interested in mascara, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, and powders. It’s strange how much I hated makeup until now. I love playing with makeup. In fact, my friends all tell me that I am pretty good at doing makeup. Sometimes I impress myself. I still like to keep my look natural and I know not to put on makeup everyday, but I have learned to love makeup. I can only imagine how much I will improve and learn about makeup in the future.


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