Jeremy Lin Basketball Player

So one of my favorite players is Jeremy Lin who first shot into fame working for the new York Knicks where he quickly became a basketball phenomenon, helping the team secure wins in February 2012. He now plays for the Charlotte Hornets.

Here are some facts and background info:


  • Born in Palo Alto, California, in 1988
  • Jeremy Lin excelled at basketball in high school and in college at Harvard University.
  • Lin couldn’t land a basketball scholarship for college, however he excelled greatly in school and he attended Harvard University, where he became a force to be reckoned with on their basketball team.During his four years there, Lin played 115 games and averaged 12.9 points per game and was named to the All-Ivy League First Team in his final two years.

    Lin struggled on court because he was constantly attacked with racial slurs by both fans and competitors since he was one of the only Asian-American players in the division.

    He is also known for his hairstyle changes on court:

    Image result for jeremy lin's hairImage result for jeremy lin's hair




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