How to save money

If you’re in a rut and need to wake up and save some money this is the post for YOU to read!

I have started saving money and it was hard at first, but it has made my life better in so many ways.

These are a few tips on what to do and HOW to save money.

If you have a monthly allowance-take 50 dollars of that money you get every month ad put it in a savings account. It will add up.

Start bringing your lunch to school. I can’t explain how much money I saved but imagine not spending those 10 dollars everyday for a week. Yeah it really helps. You can also make helathier lunches from home which is also a plus.

If you have a job- make a rule to not spend ANY of it, or if you need it then only a little, but the whole point here is to save money not spend it.

Taking the train instead of cabs or Ubers. As New Yorkers we are all guilty of taking late night cabs or Uber, Via, or Lyft. But Taking the train (as uncomfortable as it is) will truly help when you’re trying to save some cash.

Lastly having a lastly budget. This requires the most work but it is also very affective.



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