As I was walking on the highline I couldn’t but spend some time to reflect on exactly how to approach this English assignment. I knew talking to someone was going to be part of it but exactly how I was going to do that was what was keeping me hesitant. I saw the building picture above as I was walking through the highline thinking about this. In the midst of my thoughts I couldn’t help but admire the wonderful architecture. Simple yet modern. The colors blended nice with the sunlight beaming on it. The glass was clean, the edges were sharp, everything laid consistent with the next. I admired the color scheme and how well the structure worked. It almost stood out to me how nice the building looked. Of all things to look at in the Highline I end up admiring a building residing beside the Highline. Then I saw someone else admire the same building I was looking at. Almost as if my wonders have been answered I thought to myself that it would be nice to talk to someone who seemed to admire what I was looking at as well.



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