A list of a bunch of songs I have been bumping to

We got some throwbacks and we got some new songs

You are bound to find at least 1 song u like out of these

they are all fun

•Murder she wrote- Dancehall

•Work out- Jcole

• That thing- Lauryn hill

• Come my way – Protoje

•Bennie and the jets- Wale and Miguel

•Cocoa butter kisses- Chance the rapper

• Sweat- Inner circle

•No games- Serani

• C U girl- Steve Lacey

•Angel- Shaggy

•Do you there-Skizzy mars

•about me- Keith Charles

•Bound 2- Kanye wesr

•Cupids chokehold- Gymclassheroes

•Lowkey- Sam Stan

•Blind man- SPZRKT

•One dance- Drake

•Go flex- Post malone

•She like to do it- Dave Love

•High time- Brent Berry

•Pass the dutchie-Musical Youth

•KISS ME THRU THE PHONE- soulja boy ( lmfao ik but like its nice)



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