Gators on 3!

Even after a few months after the last game of my high school career, I still feel nostalgic about playing basketball with my team. The sports banquet is coming up on the 2nd and I have been asked to speak. I have been on the team for all four years of my high school career, and I can’t even describe about my experience being on this team. I’m probably going to come up with my speech on the spot, but theres so much I could say about it that I don’t think it will be an issue. Obviously, during the season, I hated the 3 hour practices, 6 days a week, no time for chilling with friends after school, or on weekends. Basically, I had no life during the season. Ball was life. And my final playoff game was somewhat bitter sweet, because I was getting tired of getting yelled at all the time in practices, and I was ready to take a break, but I wasn’t prepared to lose so early in the playoff season. Like when it actually ended, thats when I realized I didn’t want it to end. You bet your behind I cried my eyes out for the next week after we lost. It has been an honor to play for the gators, and to be captain for my senior year. I know a lot of people doubted us but we went three years in a row undefeated, and thats pretty damn amazing. I got so much love for this team and I will never forget the memories I’ve made with my Lady Gators.


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