Finding Kraken

The river was empty when we arrived. So, the only logical action was to follow them in. Our two group totaled to 220 people and we all charged into the river to find out where our whole lives had gone to. Before that we had a conference talking about our alliance. We would no longer be separated by teams and we would work together. This all happen only because of my apology and convincing to Ms. Huz on our way here. Our goals were more important than our fight and we dived into the river as one.

We searched up and down the river, across oceans and through caverns, but still no sign of the Krakens. 3 hours later, me and seven others were searching in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I was searching for underground ravines, in case of us overlooking an important clue and I had found one. I had gone a few to the right and a few north, away from the group and I saw a small ravine spilling out with light. A city, I had found Atlantis. I had heard of the tale of the city under the sea, but I had never believed that it was real. I was fascinated on what wonders I would find in the under water city. So, I entered the light. I saw destruction. I rushed back out and called for reinforcements. However, I was too far away, I was only in reach of the seven I came with and another thirteen that was within range, we were too few. The city was not in danger we were.What I saw was a empty city of atlanteans and an army of squids. Hundreds of Krakens were being lead by the destroyers of worlds, Cthulhu.

Long long time ago, the first ever Squid Puncher had found the young Cthulhu alone in the Mariana Trench. It was taled that Cthulhu offended Poseidon and it was cursed to be trapped under the sea forever. However, the squid puncher did not mind and trained the young Cthulhu. They befriended each other and created a unique bond. They became the guard force of the oceans. They fought and defended against thousands of rampaging Krakens and won great praise. Poseidon even lifted his curse on Cthulhu and set him free, everything seemed great until that day. What everyone did not know  about was Cthulhu’s lust for power. As soon as the cursed was lifted, it secretly started to train and gain power. And stronger it became. The day came when Cthulhu attacked Poseidon’s castle, it wanted to show off its power by defeating the one who cursed him wrongfully. The Squid Puncher saw its intentions and rushed to the castle. There began the 1460 day battle. Cthulhu vs. Poseidon and the Squid Puncher. Poseidon balanced out the power, while the Squid Puncher balanced out the knowledge of the enemy. Both sides could not defeat each other, until Poseidon risked a spell to crush Cthulhu with all the water of the sea. The spell would have only taken 3 seconds to cast, but that was enough time for Cthulhu to attack. 2 seconds into the spell and the god of the sea was slain; however the spell still activated, but with less power. The currents knocked Cthulhu into a deep slumber and dragged it into the depths of the Oceans. There the story ends, but now Cthulhu is back, what do we do now?


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