Deep fried oreos

We made these in cooking and they were really gross for a number of reasons. The oreos weren’t the generic brand, we made them in LAB which is pretty dutty, we used some wierd oil. I was never a fan of deep fried foods, with the exception of a handful. I just can’t help but feel crappy when I eat something that has been drentched in hot oil two or more times over. The prospect of eating something that was not meant to be fried, is repulsing to me. Deep fried cake, deep fried pickles, deep fried vegetables, deep fried ice cream, deep fried hamburgers the list goes on and on. It takes a lot out of me to not vomit just reading that list. Mcdonalds is the exception though, i have it once in a blue moon, and since apparently its not real meat, i figure there’s no harm done.


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