We buy a new phone every year or two because of our cellular contract with carriers. By the end of it we have cracked screens, lag time, maybe a earphone jack which doesn’t want to cooperate. When you get the new IPhone (insert number with a letter) or Samsung Galaxy (insert number and letter) it comes with a new feature or better hardware. Google now is creating a new flagship killer, called Project Ara which will compete with the trend of buying a new phone every number of years for better software and hardware features. Project Ara is predicted to be released in 2017 to users with a rumored cost of just the screen and software being $50, the catch to this though having to buy a battery component and camera.

Project Ara will redefine what a modularized phone will be like. With six slots for different components will change the landscape. Batteries will be more replaceable, cameras for phones will be upgradable. An example is better quality sound and mics with pieces made by Sennheiser. This modulated phone I believe can compete with giants like Apple and Samsung, to replace pieces of a phone for a cheaper price than to buy a new phone entirely is a revolutionary concept.


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