We were raised differently

One thing that really irritates me is the different behaviors presented by students who attend lab. I have observed and seen how sh**ty people can really be and I attempted to correlate it back to how they were raised- because that is truly where it stems from.

I primarily correlated it back to my life as this is a piece I am writing. I grew up with a nurtured sense of rules provided to me by my parents. My parents would always stress the importance of being a good person and they still continue to do so today. They always told me not to talk badly about others- ESPECIALLY my friends, to treat others how I wanted to be treated and to always find positives in any situation. They stressed the importance of respect and giving respect to everyone. They fostered these ideas into my lifestyle and it later helped me realize the true values of life. They supported me to become an authentic person who is “real”.

Beyond that, I have seen that many people were clearly not raised with the same growing mindset I grew up with. I see many kids who talk s** about EVERYONE, including their friends and also people who are in the same room as them. Now we all talk s**, but there’s a certain point to sh**-talking. I see kids who completely disregard other peoples emotions in order to seem funny or interesting-but that doesn’t make you funny or interesting at all, it just makes you a s**tty person. The hypocrisy present in today’s youth is something also that irks me. People preach “treat others how you want to be treated”, but then do actions that oppose that phrase. Kids taunt and make fun of other kids and still have the audacity to use phrases such as that one and still continue to regard themselves as a good or nice person. They make fun of someone, call them names, laugh at them once they walk past..etc- All this shows a complete disregard of respect and I really despise that.

I know this is a clear indication of problems present only in the perpetrators life. It is completely unnecessary and I can never fully grasp how people can be so malicious. Whether they are insecure, have a deep rooted hatred for themselves, have problematic lifestyles and or family issues- this is just never acceptable. It concerns me how people have grown up with such different values. This is a much needed ideal and I feel like each parent should teach their children about these values.

I am extremely grateful that my parents instilled these values into my life from an early age. They helped me become a good person that values other people. They shaped me into a  person that doesn’t need to make someone else feel like sh** in order for myself to feel better.



If you were confident and happy in yourself, there would be no need for you to be rude to anyone else (for no reason).

We are all going through our own things, and just because of that very thought, there is this definite need for everyone to make it easy for each other.



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