Paganism and Throw Pillows


Hi everyone!

The weather is so nice now, and everyone has allergies! This makes it so, so much easier to justify why I am ALWAYS crying! Wow!

This week I am crying because my throat hurts. You see, my mom raised me well and taught me that I should always be there for my friends and take care of them. My mother has MANY embroidered throw pillows that tell me to care for my friends also. Here are some examples:





Anyway, so my good friend got very sick this week, and I went to take care of her. We watched many episodes of Seinfeld, but mostly to block out the sound of her neighbors also watching Seinfeld. Then, we made popcorn and did a pagan ritual. But during the spit and blood sharing portion, I got her sickness. Now, my throat hurts, and I can’t stop crying and coughing!

Thanks a lot, Pagan Gods!


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