The Month of May

Well I just wrote a whole blog post and it all deleted. But this past month has been pretty eventful but towards the beginning of it. On May 8th, I believe, I went to a Justin Bieber concert which was so fun. The following weekend I went to Philly to visit my family. We threw surprise dinner for my cousin and her husband since they came back from their honeymoon. They went to Greece and they told me all about it. Seemed so fun, I am so jealous. I would love to visit Greece one day. It is such a beautiful place. I took two Aps the last two weeks. The Ap lang and the APUSH. I think both went fine. I just want school to be over. I am excited Gov ball is coming up because the last day of it is my birthday. It is a perfect way to spend it. I am going with my two best friends and some other friends not from Lab. I want summer vacation to come already. School is so stressful. I don’t think people understand how stressed I am


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