The Broken Bat

You know that lovely time of yet? The summer in just around the corner, the flowers are blooming and baseball bats are swinging. Our LMU is in full swing and for one we finally have a winning streak and are going to the playoffs. I think this is the first time in years that the baseball team in headed to the playoffs. Despite being ABSOLUTELY hated and trashed on by the one and only Mr. Newman, we have managed to get our work in and get the most out of this season. So we had our final regular season game yesterday. I only got two at bats because I got hurt in the second inning and had to come out of the game, but on my second at bat… my baby decided to break. My lovely perfectly balanced Marucci decided to shatter into pieces upon contact with an inside pitch. I cried a bit inside and looked at the bat as I ran to first. Our bench was silent out of respect for my loss. But hey now I’ve got some good firewood.


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