GMO’s or genetically modified organisms is non organic food. When pesky insects and unwanted weeds linger around growing produce, something must be done to the food. Farmers take the approach, willingly or accidentally, to include pesticides and other forms of chemical products to get rid of the problem, but also giving up the title of organic. Other forms of GMO grow the food without seeds to make them undesirable to invaders or last longer without going bad, while still giving off the resemblance of an ordinary vegetable. Although some people see this as a new era of food production, others see GMOs as unnatural, unhealthy or plain wrong.

Scientists working with GMOs have evidence that the organisms not only are okay for the body, but may be better than the original food. One of the most popular foods around the world, rice, can get ruined by flooding where crops grow. Experiments with a genetically modified rice seed has survived through a flood which would naturally whip out the original crop. Other examples have different foods staying ripe much longer than when the organic version would’ve gone rotten. On the other side of the conversation, food activists don’t agree with all the “good” being done and want GMOs to be labeled for the public to decide if they want an organic or inorganic nutrition.

People these days are suspicious about what they eat today. There are so many ingredients in a bag of chips, the thought makes everyone afraid that it could be dangerous or harmful for their body. The government likes to promote GMOs as safe because there is no imminent threat posed on the population. If they need to get involved and make corporations label their products as a GMO, people unfamiliar with the term may get scared and try to avoid anything with the label. Unless there is more available information to the public, people have the right to disagree with the uncertain phrase GMO.

I think there is nothing wrong with the idea of GMOs in our grocery stores. The real fear behind this issue is how the public is left in the dark. I believe people eat worst things than GMO but because nobody advises them on the topic. If GMOs were truly harmful then there would be real concerns to deal with. Some documentaries on this “issue” conclude on the unknown and not a serious point. With some public service announcement and data that proves how non dangerous all this is would end the GMO discussion entirely. In conclusion GMO should not be a concern, but also should not be a mystery for the public population. YouTube video GMO controversies – science vs. public fear: Borut Bohanec at TEDxLjubljanaGMO controversies – science vs. public fear: Borut Bohanec at TEDxLjubljana


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