End Of The Year Stress

Stress is a demand on physical or mental energy.  The end of the school year causes loads of stress for students all over and I am no exception.  With so many projects, regents and common core tests its hard not to suffer from stress.  The pressure is on to do the best that I could possibly do. Kids nerves are on edge because there’s so much to do before final grades are submitted.  People deal with stress in many different ways.  One way that I release my stress is by running with my friends along the Pier on Monday’s after school.  After a long day a run feels really good.  On Saturday after regents prep having my friends over to hang out and play video games is also stress relieving for us.  With so much work and studying coming up it’s important for me to get a good night sleep but sometimes that’s hard because my mind is always thinking so it’s never really at ease.  I like to eat one of my mom’s great dinners before I get to my school work.  When my stomach is satisfied I can do better work.

My mom always says that one of the many good things about life is that if you have a day that’s not so great, or a stressful day, you go to sleep and wake up to a new day, and you start all over again.  Never give up is my motto so I will continue this way until all my assignments and testing is complete for my Junior year.


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