Bubble tea

Chattime: 858 Lexington Ave (btwn 64th & 65th St)

Brown rice milk tea- light nutty flavor from the toasted brown rice not too sweet, lightly sweetened

Rose milk tea- taste lightly of rose, a bit too much syrup (sweetness) overall good drink

Bubbles firm and chewy

The Thai milk tea from here is perfect.

Not sweet or soft- not enough soaking time for bubble , good amount of pearls

Offers student discount with ID + stamp card

Jupioca : 200 W 14th street

Japanese matcha milk tea – heavy drink, somewhat sludge like, poorly mixed ( matcha not suspended evenly, most powder at bottom of drink- brownish green color)

Pretty sweet ( like a candy but not sickeningly sweet)  acquired taste, takes a bit getting used to  – but a bitter aftertaste that only grows stronger the more you drink ( not extremely bitter but enough that it’s unpleasant)

*** note that Japanese matcha is an acquired taste and it is the actual tea that is crushed to a powder and must be prepared in a specific way which when not followed, can affect the taste

Bubbles- soft and chewy, sweet

The bubbles are the best I’ve tasted so far out of all the others

They aren’t too soft or firm and just the right amount of chewy, they’re sweet enough to enjoy and don’t overpower the taste of the tea

Vivi’s : 226 E 14th St (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)

Japanese matcha is a bright green and lightly sweet – strong but pleasant matcha taste

The taro milk tea and the passion fruit tea are the more popular drinks from here.

Student discount with ID + stamp card

They have different flavored popcorn chicken (delicious) 😛

The honeydew milk tea here is refreshing and lightly sweet.

VIVIs bubbles are firmish and chewy, sometimes may affect the taste of the drink though.

 Gongcha: 209 E 14th street

I had the caramel milk tea with some ice and with 50% sugar  and less ice, just the right amount of sweet and tasted somewhat like coffee which gave it a toffee flavor. Pretty good experience, small shop but peaceful.

There is one across from the VIVI’s.

they also offer student discount




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