Spoon Game

I am really excited about this senior spoon game thing. I get way too competitive and into these things. (It’s the little victories). My last summer of sleepaway camp, our age group played assassin and I won – I think everyone got annoyed by my competitiveness and determination (I get way too excited), but I had a lot of fun. Except, of course, by the time the game was over, everyone was so tired out and didn’t even care who won. But it was me! Haha. Some of my other greatest victories consist of: capturing the flag in capture the flag because everyone assumed I was walking to jail when I walked across the other side since I’m so un-atheletic and what not. Winning free tea from David’s Tea when I got the ball in the hole in corn hole (and having middle aged people look impressed at my shot and proving my best friend wrong when she said there was no way I could get it in). Beating my boyfriend at Battleship (there is TOTALLY strategy to that game…). And, you know, so many more. Yes, I have no chill.


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