Class Registration

My class registration came out yesterday and I need to sign up ASAP because most classes have, like, a 14 person limit. But, I’m stuck between about 30 classes and I can only sign up for 4!!! AHHHHH. And it’s so stressful because there are SO many areas I’m interested in. For the most part, the gender/sexuality/feminist study classes they’re offering for freshmen sound the most interesting to me, but I need to make sure I take a psych, music, and writing class first semester so that I can take more of those classes later on (lots of classes count for the gender/sexuality/feminist study major – which will probably be one of my majors – but I don’t have to take a 101 class to delve deeper into the area which is awesome.) I need to sign up by tonight and I don’t know how! Plus, I really want to learn French – and possibly study abroad in France, but I can only take 3-4 classes first semester and French is less of a priority than my other interests… UGH. Plus, I’m taking the AP Psych exam on Friday and I can only place out of Psych 101 if I get a 5 which is super unlikely… But… I wanna place out!!! I don’t want to take Psych 101 again! I want to delve deeper……… So, I’m studying in the time I have left… but AGH.


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