I just got glasses which is really exciting because now I can choose whether I want certain things to be blurry or clear. I got 2 pairs and I can’t decide which pair I like more, so I guess I’ll just switch off. I also shouldn’t wear them too much because I only really need them for seeing the board in class or sometimes for reading. I think my vision is 20/40 in one eye and 20/50 in the other. In 3rd grade I needed glasses but I thought I wouldn’t look fashionable with them so I cried until the doctor said I could probably wait it out anyway. But, of course, as I got older, glasses got “trendier,” and one of my favorite things to do became stealing my friends glasses. And then, recently, I realized that I squinted, like, half the time that I looked at things, and should probably check in with an eye doctor (it was so cool watching him adjust the prescription and watching the world get clearer!). Also, every time someone notices that I got glasses, the lyric from Hamilton that goes, “look it up, Hamilton was wearing his glasses” and this weird inside joke with my friend from 8th grade of the word “glasses” in a really strange voice runs through my head. Yes, there are many complicated things happening in my brain and with my eyes.


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